1. Create an iSeeMammals account! You can do this online, or when you download the iSeeMammals app to your Apple or Android smartphone.

2. Log in!

3. Collect and Submit data for iSeeMammals! 

An Observation is an observation of an actual bear or bear sign. Bear sign includes tracks, scat, hair, and markings. Information about where and when you saw this observation is important. Observations can be submitted either with the app or on the website. We strongly encourage taking a photo to go with your observation. 

A Hike should be at least a quarter mile. During a hike you can also make Observations if you see bear or bear signs. You can access your hikes from the website, but cannot add a new hike on the website. Hikes are important even when there are no bear observations!

A Fixed Camera is a camera set in a particular location that automatically takes photos when triggered by motion. Fixed cameras are commonly known as "trail cameras", "game cameras", or "camera traps". Use the app to set up a fixed camera, and the website to report data from it. Fixed cameras are important even when there are no photos of bears! 

Check out our Tips Page for recommendations on how to submit data!



With the App:  


 Make an Observation            With the Website:    Make an Observation
 Go On a Hike      Report Data from a Fixed Camera  
 Set Up A Fixed Camera        
 Check A Fixed Camera        

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