Citizen Spotlight: Meet Cynthia Tollo Falls!

Cynthia has been a citizen scientist for iSeeMammals since the spring of 2017. Her trail cameras in the southern NY have provided priceless data for an area where we cannot set up summer research sites. Check out the Gallery to see some of the photos she has submitted! 

What sparked your interest in wildlife? I live in East Rutherford, NJ… I hike both days of every weekend, holidays, and the odd vacation day in Harriman State Park located in Rockland and Orange Counties in southern NY, just past the NY/NJ border. This adds up to over 100 days a year in the park. Rain rarely stops me from getting out.

Why bears? Black bears are incredibly smart and I find following the families very interesting. At this point, my partner in bear research and I can recognize and find individual bears. 

What interests you most about bears?We are always interested in finding out how the bears move around from season to season and the overlapping of territories. We frequently find adults paired up past mating season. One thing I'm also interested in is all the different foods found in the scats.

Another thing we are interested in is dens. We found one, but it was only briefly used and we find betting on top of the snow. We find bear sign every month of the year, but evidence of past and present dens has always been a mystery

Update us on your findings, what’s something surprising that you’ve seen this past year?Last year we were surprised to find that the bears adapted very well despite the lack of acorns.

What motivates you to keep studying bears?  We study everything we find, and are constantly finding new stuff.

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Due to limited staff ( i.e., 1 graduate student) we are unable at this time to provide local workshops.  However, we are currently working on video tutorials and adding to the FAQ to help citizen scientists contribute data to iSeeMammals. Please stay tuned!



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